BreathWork Session

Chantal Cadieux | Tribe Leader
July 11, 2022 8:15 PM | 60 min.

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Do you know about biodynamic Breath Work, a transformational approach which uses the power of breath with intuitive movement and active meditation to release tension and stress from the physical and mental structures of the body? Do you know it improves mood and productivity, diffuses anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression, re-energizes the body and calms the mind? Well here's your chance to try a session! You are invited to join me every second Monday at 8:15pm for a virtual 60 minutes English session. If you are bilingual, you also have the possibility to join me every week as I will alternate between English and French sessions week to week. To get the password for the virtual session, simply send me an email to [email protected] And most importantly, don't forget to share the good news! With love and light in the exploration of breath,
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Chantal Cadieux

Yoga Teacher
Enseignante de Yoga & Facilitatrice en Respiration Consciente Que ce soit dans un cours de yoga, une séance de méditation ou de respiration consciente, ma mission sera de vous accompagner avec la bienveillance du cœur. Chacune de mes guidances est fondée sur l’importance de s’écouter parce que c’est en prenant le temps de me reconnecter avec


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