Beginner Series Yoga Class

Melissa Berry | Tribe Leader
January 15, 2022 8:00 AM | 60 min.

About the Class

Have you seen an awesome post online of someone doing yoga and wonder how? Have you try out a video online and after sitting on the mat, the teacher started saying a bunch of crazy words that made no sense and you told yourself: Maybe this isn’t for me. Are you physically limited or just not ready to go to a gym and have the feeling you might be judged by others. Benefit of this program: Tailored made for you Improve fitness abilities Reduce stress and anxiety Increase mobility and flexibility You don't have to be flexible, I couldn't touch my toes before. You don't have to be young, yoga is customizable to everyone!
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Melissa Berry

Yoga Teacher
Yoga has not been part of my life for that long, I started practicing 7 years ago a few times a month, picked it up again on a daily basis to be more active after my daughter was born 6 years ago. Yoga was always an option at home to rebuild my body after the pregnancy


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