The Yoga of Breath

Payal Khanwani | Tribe Leader
September 19, 2021 1:30 PM | 60 min.

About the Class

This class is available for retransmission until June 20, 2022 While most yoga today is focused on asanas only, or body postures, the practice of pranayama ( breathwork) is essential to deepen and enrich our practice as well as prepare our body and mind for meditation. Breath connects our body and mind and is responsible for our life force, energy and essentially our state of mind.In this session we will learn the fundamental practices of pranayama followed by a guided meditation.
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Payal Khanwani

Yoga Teacher
Hi! I’m Payal. I help people lead healthier and fulfilled lives. I believe in humanity, healing and total wellbeing. I believe we all have the potential to grow, evolve and lead conscious lives from the inside out. I am privileged to impact change and wellbeing through Meditation, Yoga, Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching. I have studied with


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