Yogatribes Live
Welcome to our new and powerful tool designed specially for yoga teachers and studios!

YogaTribes LIVE is the new native streaming system that allows you to offer online classes directly from our website without any apps, for free!
No more third-party apps, no more useless options, no more security and technical issues. With YogaTribes LIVE you will have just what you need to teach a profitable and quality class.

We know that changing habits could be hard and we want you to have the best support to spread your teachings to the world. That’s the reason why we designed this step by step tutorial.

IMPORTANT: For the best experience we highly recommend to use the Chrome or Firefox browser.

How to create an Online Class

  1. Select your profile picture, go to Profile then Add a class from the Classes section.
  2. Make sure Online Class is selected from the first drop down menu.
  3. Fill out all fields and select YogaTribes LIVE for the stream option.
  4. Save to publish your Online Class.
  5. A pop up appears giving you the unique URL to share with your community and get more bookings. Just copy and paste the URL in your social media posts, emails and website to promote your class. You can also find the same URL in the dedicated class page by clicking on the Share button.
This is a secure link that allows all your students to book your class. No passwords required.

Note: If you've added your first class, another pop-up will appear. You have to accept the terms and conditions to save your classes and allow users to book them.

Once your Online Class is published

  1. Once an Online Class is booked a unique and secure link is sent by email to the student. Only those who paid can access the live stream (no password required).
  2. The money is deposited directly in your YogaTribes Account.
  3. Participants receive reminders to join the Online Class.

Your Online Class Is About to Start

  1. You can join your Live Stream 45 minutes prior to the start of your Online Class. This will give you access to all the settings and will give you the time to set up your camera angle, mics, yoga mat and whatever you need.
  2. Your students will have access to the class 5 min before the beginning.
  3. Share and recommend a music playlist to your participants so they can have the best sound quality from their speakers. This will also give the opportunity to practice in silence for those students who don’t want to listen to music.
  4. Kindly tell your participants to keep their mic muted.
  5. Enjoy your class.

Best practices for a Perfect Class Experience

  • Make sure your camera/laptop is elevated or have a tripod for your smartphone.
  • If you’re using your smartphone to stream, make sure to use it horizontally.
  • Make sure you have a wireless/bluetooth microphone to stream your voice clearly, reducing background noises.
  • Make sure the sunlight is facing you or have good lighting in the room. Use natural light for best results.
  • Make sure your video will look good by doing a test before of your standing poses and avoid to end out of the video frame.
  • Prepare a “Waiting Slide” to welcome your students with your personalized message remembering them to keep their mics off. Use the “Share your screen” feature and select your “Waiting Slide” from the list that appears.
  • Your students will have access 5 minutes before your broadcast begins. When you’re ready, stop the sharing screen option and welcome your students. Be sure everybody is muted to avoid interruptions while teaching.
  • If you’d like to share music with your students, we suggest preparing a playlist (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, …) and share the related link. You can paste the link in the chat box. Try to avoid using a background music while you’re speaking, it can cause interference and low the sound quality.

Tips and tricks

  • Do not disturb: Turn off your device notifications so nothing disturbs your class.
  • Need a helping hand: We’ve got you covered with our moderator feature which allows any managers of the same studio to be the person in charge of the Live Stream while the teacher stays focused on giving his/her class to the world.
  • Teacher replacement: It happens that a teacher could not be available, so you have to replace him/her with another teacher from your studio. You can easily do that because each teacher of the studio can be the main animator of your class. No need to cancel. Your sub-teacher has to connect normally, nothing else.
  • Everyone follows me: From the more actions menu, go to more settings and select the feature “Everyone follows me” if you want to control what your participants are seeing. When this option is selected, the spotlight stays on the teacher even when participants are talking during the class with an unmute microphone.

    During screen sharing, the shared screen is in the large display and the thumbnail shows the person who is sharing.
  • Toggle tile view: This option will display up to 25 participants on each screen, with the active speaker highlighted. For meetings with more than 25 participants, two arrows appear to switch the next and previous group of participants on the screen.

    This option is very nice to use at the end of a class if you want to have a discussion with your students.

    ( Note: if “Everyone Follows Me” is activated and you switch to a Tile View, each participant will see the same tile view on their screen.)
  • Everyone starts muted: From the more actions menu, go to more settings and select this feature to avoid unwanted noise when the class starts. You can mute each participant by the dropdown menu from the mic option too.
  • Raise/lower your hand: Ask your participants to use this button if they have a question to ask you.
  • End the class when you are done: There is no time limit to an Online Class. You are in control when you want to end it. We suggest that you recommend to your participants to keep their microphone muted during the class.


There are three ways to join an Online Class. Firstly, select the Join Class Button from the Online Class card on the selected class web page. If not only refresh the web page and you’ll be good to go! Secondly, select Join Class from My Classes in your Dashboard. Thirdly, select the link from the transaction confirmation email in your mailbox.
Yes, you can as long as you have a link to add to your Online Class on YogaTribes. It can be a link from a YouTube or Vimeo video, the unique link from the app Photos by Google or Apple from your own library. We suggest that you choose a date and time when you recommend your class just like a live stream and your good to go!
Yes, it is possible as long as you have a link to add in YogaTribes Live. This could be a YouTube or Vimeo link, a unique link from your Google Photos library or your Apple photo library. We suggest that you choose a date and time that you would recommend when you put your class online, as for a live class, and broadcast it with the screen sharing option.