Slow Flow Yoga

Melissa Berry | Chef de Tribu
22 decembre, 2022 19:00 | 60 min.

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Please book in the URL below! Special price 5 classes for 50$ USD In this vinyasa-based class, postures will be linked together with the breath to create a slow and graceful flow. Students will be encouraged to visit poses for several breaths allowing time to make adjustments and deepen their practice or align the physical body. Each class will end with a resting period that will let students tune out the day and leave the mat feeling ready to take on the week ahead.
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Melissa Berry

Enseignant de Yoga
Yoga has not been part of my life for that long, I started practicing 7 years ago a few times a month, picked it up again on a daily basis to be more active after my daughter was born 6 years ago. Yoga was always an option at home to rebuild my body after the pregnancy


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